Things you should know before hiring a web designer

Usually, on the internet we go through stories like this one, “I made a formal deal with a web design agency UAE that has years and years of working experience and working with them was a great experience. They were responsive and they understood my point of view clearly, but in the end what I got was a piece of crap and guess what? I have paid a handsome amount for it”.

To avoid such incidents there are various factors that need to be taken into account before hiring a web designer:

  • Local Emirati- If you are local resident of UAE, then you must definitely learn about the reputation of the web-designing company in the market. If not, you can check with co-workers and family or friends.
  • Non-National – You need to gather a lot of information like background, complete portfolio, and strong references of the company before initiating your interaction with the company in Dubai.
  • After identifying the designer – Once you have worked out the reputation of a designer, it’s important to know whether he has ever dealt with web sites having similar functionality as yours.
  • Confirmation of References – In the UAE, you are supposed to check whether the references that the web design company has listed in the portfolio are still functioning and whether or not they are still working on them.
  • Show him the picture in your mind – Communicate with the prospective designer openly about your ideas and confidently show him the abstract in your mind about your web-site. A web site is more than a pretty imagination; it is something upon which your business depends.
  • Draw your mind on a paper for him – It is necessary for you to tell him about your budget, objectives, what you want to achieve out of it, prospective client, how you feel about it, what are the alternatives and options available. Additionally, show him other websites that you like the most.
  • Value for Money – A web design and internet marketing Dubai company can only create value for your money. If you communicate with them and build up a comfort level, you will able to take benefit out of this deal that you plan on making with them.
  • Give them respect if you want to be respected – In Dubai, when you meet the prospective designer, meet them with grace and give them respect. Keep things simple; do not bring out of the context things into your discussion with them.
  • Ask them about rates – You need to clear out the fact that you are willing to pay a good amount of money only if you receive high quality work in return. If you have the slightest doubt about a particular web design company, look elsewhere.